FOL'KLOR is a 36-page epic fantasy that takes place in a land gripped by darkness —a land at mercy to the whims of the malevolent god of night, King Noch. 

Solntse, a young orphan, discovers that she’s host to a great power that lies dormant just below her skin... a power that can no longer be contained. A power that has not gone unnoticed. 

Afraid of what she might become —afraid of what might become of her adoptive family --  she exiles herself to the vast wilderness of the Bereza Forest, where she comes face to face with destiny, setting off a chain of events that can not be undone. 

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the world, a dark agent of night stirs and rises from the inky depths of Lake Ozero with only one agenda —to extinguish the light.

Solntse is at once the last hope for mankind and the unwitting herald of it’s impending doom. Can she prevail?

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